Kelowna Seniors Home Support have very reasonable rates in order to help all seniors through their services.

Kelowna Seniors Home Support - Hourly Rates

Kelowna Seniors Home Support rates depend on the amount of services you require and the time involved.

Whether the service is for yourself as a Kelowna area senior, or for your parent or parents living in Kelowna or in other nearby locations, we look forward to discussing your needs with you. We can also provide transportation for hospital appointments as well as doctors, or shopping. Just give us a call at 250-808-0830 anytime. Mary-lin will take your call.

  • Our rates are $40.00 per hour (tax and travel within Kelowna included).
  • There is a minimum requirements of 2 hours per visit ($80.00 including tax and travel within Kelowna).
  • To discuss whatever services may be required and thus get an idea of pricing, please call us at 250-808-0830.
  • Once we know which of our services are needed, we can give you a quote based on our potential client's needs.

To properly determine the cost of our services, we are happy to discuss our potential client's needs in order to best assess the level of care, and thus the time needed for that particular senior.

Click on each of our services below to help you determine which services are right for you!


We will ensure that our senior client makes their appointments on time, such as with doctors or other care professionals.


We will ensure the senior's safety at bath time


Sometimes all it takes is a visit from a friend.


A little help getting dressed can set a senior's day in a happy direction!


Kelowna Seniors Home Support knows the importance of giving footcare assistance.


Does your senior need help with light housekeeping around the home?


Yes we will help with laundry in your home.


We help prepare meals for the senior in their home.


Although we don't give medication, we can remind you when to take your medication.


Are you the primary caregiver and need a break every now and then?


We will take you shopping, or shop for you.


Let us know if there are any other services you would need for us to provide.