We help seniors with meal preparation

Meal Preparation

Seniors who are on their own often don't eat properly

People by themselves are often not interested in taking the time to cook or eat at regular times.

They are often simply not interested in putting in the effort of figuring out what to eat, going through the preparation time, eating by themselves, then needing to clear up afterwards.

Let Kelowna Seniors Home Support offer you a simple and enjoyable solution.

  • We will ensure that you eat at set times.
  • We will prepare healthy meals for you and offer you some companionship while you are enjoying your meal.
  • We will clean up after your meal, just to make things nice and easy for you!
  • We can also come into your home to prepare meals in advance and make your favourite recipes.
  • You can simply heat up any prepared food that has been placed in the fridge or freezer for later.
  • This ensures that you can eat nutritional food that you enjoy, even when we are not present.

Please feel free to contact us - we can help as often as you need us!