We help seniors with their daily activities so that they can stay in your own home


Mobility issues? Fear of falling?

Sometimes a basic activity like taking a bath can cause apprehension for seniors!

Seniors who have help bathing tend to have less accidents and fewer fractures. The Kelowna Seniors Home Support Team will teach our clients how to bathe safely.

Many seniors do not realize that old practices of bathing are actually dangerous for their age group.

It is highly recommended that seniors consider having hand bars installed in a bath for safety when needed.

How can Kelowna Seniors Home Support help?

  • We provide as much or as little help as needed.
  • We offer stand-by assist where the caregiver does not touch you or provide any assistance, but is close by for safety, or we can assist you if you need help getting in, or out, of the bath.
  • We can offer more care if needed while bathing, such as washing your hair.
  • We can help be available to help dry you off and get dressed after a nice, soothing bath!
  • Our home caregivers are always mindful of your privacy and do our utmost to make you comfortable in a dignified and respectful manner.

Please feel free to contact us if we can help you or your loved one in the above situations - we can help as often as you need us!