We help seniors with their daily activities so that they can stay in your own home

Appointments and Errands

Seniors often dread having to make appointments

Whether the appointment is for a visit to a doctor, or to see someone, or go somewhere, sometimes it often feels like such a hassle, from getting ready to transportation issues to get where you need to be.

Do you, your parent, or loved one sometimes miss your appointments due to forgetfulness, dementia or the early onset of Alzheimer symptoms? The home care providers at Kelowna Seniors Home Support can help you stay on track with such things as doctor appointments, errands or even just daily routines.

The Kelowna Seniors Home Support Team can do the following:

  • Keep track of your appointments and offer reminders of any upcoming ones.
  • Assist you with getting ready for the appointment (e.g. getting dressed, or eating a meal before leaving) and driving.
  • Accompany you to your appointment if requested.
  • In the case of medical appointments, we will familiarize ourselves with our client's physical ailments before going to the doctor's appointment, in order to be able to share important information with medical staff.
  • Take notes during the appointment, so that whatever is discussed can be reported back to the family, when applicable, or to simply offer reminders when needed.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel we can help you or your loved one with any of the above - we can help as often as you need us!