We help seniors with their daily activities so that they can stay in your own home

Helping you get dressed

Let us help you look forward to your day!

Do you feel that you have no interest in personal hygiene or looking your best? Seniors who feel that they have no purpose often give up on their own personal appearance.

We at Kelowna Seniors Home Support really care about our clients. We ensure that you realize that you are extremely important to us and that we truly enjoy our visits with you.

It becomes a win-win situation - you look begin to forward to our visits, and we find total satisfaction in helping our clients.

We are happy to stop by in the morning and help you get ready for your day.

  • We can assist you in choosing an outfit for the day.
  • Or we can simply help you put your favourite clothes on.
  • We can help with hair care. Need a trim? We are happy to give both men and women basic hair trims or take you to a hairdresser/barber - when you look your best, you feel your best!
  • We treat you with respect and take the struggle out of what may once have been considered such a simple task.

Please feel free to contact us if you could benefit from our help - we can help as often as you need us!